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Business Process OutsourcinG

Our client had grown his privately owned, business services company over a 15-year period and, many years of consistent double digit growth, an optimum time to sell to a strategic buyer in the market.

His goal was to sell the business to a company that would recognize the significant market value, provide capital to accelerate growth, and leverage his experienced team and technology infrastructure.

STS worked with this business owner to effectively position the company as a value-add services business that would appeal to buyers outside the industry. We brought multiple bidders to the table; and maximized value in a strategically-led soft auction, generating 300% of industry norms and vastly exceeding our client’s expectations.


Industry Norms

This transaction also gave the buyer a strategic platform upon which it could complete additional acquisitions in the market. Due to the level of trust and respect established through this transaction, STS has brought several additional opportunities to this buyer, many of which have resulted in successfully closed transactions.


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